hanae hayashi's portrait

Photography by Hikaru.


こんにちは。林 英恵(はやしはなえ)と言います。



2009年から長野に住み、登山やキャンプ、手芸やDIYを楽しんでいます。いつかDIYで木の家を作って、柴犬やロバを飼ってみたいです。好きな言葉は禅語の “ 喫茶去 ”  (誰にでも別け隔てなく一杯お茶でもどうぞという心持ち)です。



Email:   info@hanaen.com
Mobile: 070-5013-6378


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Hello,My name is Hanae Hayashi.

My job is lecturer in school animation.I make illustration, Web site design and animations. Began activities in the name of “HANAEN”. I studied media art at the University, was especially attracted to the animated short film. I’ve tried various techniques, including animation and interactive animation on the internet. I can appeal message of content and products of your work with a simple line drawing and animation. And I’m planning fun workshops for people want to start art work using the computer.

I live in Nagano in 2009, enjoy climbing mountain and camping, Handicraft and DIY. Make a tree house in their own DIY someday, I want a pet Shiba(dog) and donkey. My favorite word is “KISSAKO”of the word Zen is (mood that filled Also of interest in the tea without favoritism to anyone)


For any questions, work or partnertership requests please feel free to contact me at any time.I want to express a hearty welcome to you.

Email:   info@hanaen.com
Mobile: 070-5013-6378